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My Parents Meet and Wed
Harry Jacobson and Miriam Wohlfeld

image82.jpg (111998 bytes)My parents were introduced early in 1917 through a get-together of cousins from both sides of the family. Mother was just twenty-two and had recently completed her final year at Columbia University. Dad was thirty-two and engaged to a wealthy Brooklyn girl named Belle.

Dad was a perfect self-taught gentleman, always considerate of others feelings. He had learned the fine art of good table manners at seven-course dinners at Belle’s house by observing whomever he was seated next to. That included learning how to use a finger bowl.

At wealthy Jewish homes in those days, whether in Brooklyn or up on Fifth Avenue, conversation was usually limited to the day’s activities. Business was never discussed at table; conversation was about the next vacation (always at the same place) or what was going on with cousin Yetta’s goiter.

Dad was slim, five-foot-nine and a half to my mother’s five-three. He was almost bald, but Mom said she took one look at him and decided.

From that moment on, Belle didn’t stand a chance. My folks were married that September 5th.

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