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Chicken Marinade Recipe - Easy Recipe!

Chicken, by and large, accepts and uses more marinades gracefully than any other meat I can think of. Game should never require a marinade if it has been handled correctly, only a sauce to compliment it.

There are many chicken marinades which come to mind and the simplest method, I think, is to disjoint the chicken, slash the legs, thighs and breast about every inch (to the bone) so that the mixture in which it will soak can penetrate as much as possible.


1 C. Hoisin sauce *
1 C. Teriyaki sauce
1 T. grated fresh ginger

In a shallow pan or large dish, soak chicken for 30 minutes, place on a rack in the oven and broil 15 minutes each side.

*Note: Hoisin sauce is a dark brown paste (like thick ketchup) available in oriental markets in cans and jars. It will keep in the refrigerator almost indefinitely. Great on steaks.

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