Fish and Chips Beer Batter Recipe

I had my first taste of genuine Fish and Chips from a street vendor on an open market Sunday in East London (the cockney section), among pushcarts and all. The English use melted beef suet for deep frying, but I think a good deep frying oil is healthier, if you can call this healthy.

But is it GOOD! The man at whose stand I bought and ate this dish said his wife made the batter, but he gave me the recipe. Commercial American beer doesn’t cut it, use one from a good micro brewery or an import.

Utensils needed:

Deep fryer (or heavy pot and deep fry thermometer) slotted spoon, (or tongs), platter, lots of paper towels (or newspaper).


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1 C. flour
2 large eggs
2/3 C. beer
1/4 t. Tabasco

Heat deep frying oil to 400 degress. Place platter in oven and keep warm to 250 degrees

Beat eggs, beer, and Tabasco together, lightly. Add flour and mix. The best fish is northern cod filets, cut into chunks about two inches long and one inch wide. Dry well on paper towels, dip into batter and drop into hot oil about four or five at a time. Temperature will drop as fish cooks. When lightly golden remove to paper towels (or newspaper), allow oil to reheat and proceed. Transfer cooked fish to platter on a piece of paper towel (or newspaper) to keep warm until all is done. When ready to eat sprinkle Malt vinegar on the fish.

You can use frozen french fries.