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Sazerac Recipes — Old and New

The New Sazerac Recipe:

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In an old fashioned glass, crush and dissolve one cube of sugar (or 1 teaspoon) in a jigger of water (1½ oz.). Add two to four dashes Peychaud bitters, a good dash of Herbsaint and a jigger of Rye. Fill with ice cubes.

Note: Peychaud's bitters and Herbsaint are usually available only in New Orleans. A few select liquor stores may carry those items.

The Old Sazerac Recipe:

This recipe is from Eddy Goodman. In an old-fashioned glass, crush a cube of sugar (or 1 t.) in one jigger of water. Add two to four dashes Peychaud bitters, and (with an eyedropper) add five drops of Ricard (or annisette) and ten drops of Pernod. (The original recipe called for Absinthe, which is no longer available). Top with a jigger of bourbon (Rye is much lighter). Fill with ice cubes.

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